Friday, May 22, 2009

Pictures From the Trip!

**BEWARE: The following post contains LOTS of pictures!**


Welcome to Vegas!

Las Vegas LDS Temple
Jed got in a fight with a nun. She won.
Downtown Vegas (not the strip)

San Diego Zoo - Wild Animal Kingdom

On the tour of the animals in their more "natural" habitats
Petting Zoo While we were in the petting zoo, Eli was going up to all of the deer and telling them that they were "handsome". After he told one of the deer it was handsome I asked him "What if it's a girl deer?" and he went back to it, got 2 inches from its face, looked it right in the eye, and said "You're a handsome girl, aren't you? YOU'RE A HANDSOME GIRL, AREN'T YOU??" It was hilarious!!

Jed tamed a rhino

Flamingo Yoga - can you see its leg?

Natherfly and Elifly

Eliworm and Jediworm

Eli wanted to hunt for ivory

Just chillin with my rhino

Jed's Birthday/Disneyland

Can we say "just woke up"?

We made it!

The button they made Jed wear all day!

The button they made me wear all day!

Tiki Room Birds

Why ride the ride when you can just get a picture? :)

Not as strong as we thought he was...

I Heart Space Mountain!
It's a Small World After All

Princess Castle!!

Mark Twain Steamboat


Eli and Laurel made a cake for Jed while we were at the park! :)
Thanks, Laur!

On the drive home...

I burned (I'm pretty sure 2nd degree) my arm on a hot AC adapter in the car :(

Jed realized that he got a little sunburned at Disneyland...but only on this tiny triangle spot where his shirt was open. Haha.


Janae said...

How fun!!! I am glad you guys had a blast. Disneyland is awesome. I love the Eli story. He is to funny!

Laurel said...

Yay, I love these pics! :) Thanks for sharing and letting us re-live the visit. :) You're welcome back anytime!!