Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jed!!!!

Today is Jed's birthday!! We're spending the whole day at Disneyland (because he gets in for free today)!

Here are some random things that I LOVE about Jed:

He loves bonfires and camping and being outdoors

He can eat more than me and often finishes my food when I get too full :)

He is good with his hands and can usually figure out how to fix most things

He only gets drunk on special occasions ;)

He is flexible and care-free

He has never cheated on me, except this one time in Vegas...

He is a fabulous guitar player and willingly serenades me when I ask

He's really, really handsome!

He loves animals (especially fish)

He's very detail-oriented and he's a good painter

He can play a mean game of pool

He is amazing at Rock Band, among other video games

He loves The Office and does a great impression of Michael Scarn ;)

His middle name is "Danger"

He's got HUGE muscles - he makes me feel safe

He is SO smart and responsible and dedicated when it comes to school

He likes travel and adventure

He's a stud muffin!

He takes care of me and loves me no matter what

Jed is the best friend and husband I could have ever asked for. I am so blessed to even know him, let alone get to spend eternity by his side. He is my strength and I love him more than anything.


Alyssa Paul said...

You guys are so cute! And I am jealous that you get to go to Disneyland! We did that for our Honeymoon and we loved it! I didn't know about the free birthday thing... we might have to do that next year!

Jenny said...

Hey, that's my car Jed is putting the spare on! I remember freaking out because I didn't know how to put on a spare tire and he happened to be around the corner and was willing to help. I was SOO thankful. Happy Birthday Jedediah! You guys are such a cute couple! I hope you have a great time at Disneyland!