Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Ali's All About

i am: a newly-married wife!

i think: i want a baby sometimes, but then i remember that once you have them, you can't "give them back" to anyone. you're the anyone.

i know: i live in a small, crappy basement, but it's MY small, crappy basement and it's the first "our place". :)

i want: to go to the classes i want, not the classes i have to take. and i want them to be free.

i dislike: the spiders who don't pay rent but secretly live with us.

i miss: my family. :(

i fear: losing loved ones, for whatever reason.

i feel: like the luckiest woman alive to have such a wonderful counterpart.

i hear: good things about the "all-you-can-eat french toast" at Kneaders and i want to try it

i smell: good, usually, or so i'm told by Jed.

i crave: the end of Jed being in school. and my Baja Chicken sandwich from Quiznos - you gotta try it if you like cilantro (i love cilantro).

i cry: more often the older i get. i used to be a rock, and now i'm getting mushier.

i usually: forget to go to the gym... :\

i search: for silver charms for my bracelet when i visit places

i wonder: what's in a Wonder Ball? and i wonder who will be our next president

i regret: pursuing past relationships for so long when i knew i wouldn't end up marrying them anyway

i love: my husband. and traveling.

i care: about trying to avoid germs.

i always: have the radio on in the car. no matter what.

i try: not to take the many blessings i have for granted.

i worry: that we'll never get out of debt

i am not: as foolish as i used to be.

i remember: one time when i stole a piece of candy from the store when i was little and my mom caught me and made me return it and apologize to the cashier. i was mortified and i learned a very valuable lesson: don't get caught! ;)

i believe: that there is *always* someone worse off than you. be happy.

i dance: in the kitchen, with Jed.

i sing: purposefully off-tune to Jed. he thinks it's cute.

i don’t always: appreciate everything that i have, but i try.

i argue: to the death, or until someone can *prove* that i'm wrong.

i write: emails back and forth to Jed all day long when i'm at work.

i lose: my patience very quickly, and quite often. it's a bad flaw of mine. sorry.

i wish: i didn't have to take this pill every day. it messes with you, man.

i listen: to a San Antonio radio station online while i'm at work. Utah stations blow. :(

i don't understand: why some people think the word "yield" is synonymous with the word "stop".

i can usually be found: at work or with Jed. but almost always with my cell phone.

i am scared: of port-o-potties. no lie. i'd rather go in the bushes.

i need: something to do all the time - i like being busy, or else i get bored and tired.

i forget: what it's like to not have responsibilities.

i am happy: that i decided to move back to Provo this year.

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