Friday, August 15, 2008

Mrs. Goodell

Mrs. Goodell is Jed's mom. I am still Ali.
So hey guess what? Jed and I are married!! I became a Goodell on July 31, 2008 and have been one ever since. I have this strange feeling I will be a Goodell for the rest of my life...
I spent an entire day driving around to various offices changing my name and getting new documents. It was such a pain- hardest part of being married so far. ;) The worst is the fact that I hadn't really practiced signing my name (I think I thought if I didn't practice, I'd never have to do it) so on my government documents, I signed my old name and then had to cram this little Goodell at the end. It looks dooey. Oh well.
Jed and I had a wonderful wedding. Overall everything went really smoothly and it was a great experience. It was really touching to see how many family members and friends we have who love and support us. The reception went by way too fast! It felt like it had been 15 minutes when I was told we only had a half hour left to cut the cake, toss the bouquet, etc. But it was so nice to see our friends and family and visit with everyone. Not to mention my cake was rad! :)
The day after our wedding, before the reception, Jed and I went to Snowbird with my family because they have a bunch of fun things to do like the Alpine Slide, a zipline, rock climbing, hiking, the trampoline-harness thing, etc. Jed had never been on an Alpine Slide and, being the cautious person he is, went like a mile an hour down our first run and I had to keep putting on the brakes and slowing down so we could be next to each other. It wasn't very fun for me because I'm a girl who likes the thrills! So I went down the next time with my 11 year-old brother Jeff, who is a speed demon, and of course we were planning on racing. We were speeding down the track and and coming up on the place where the guy is sitting on the side of the track taking everyone's picture as they come down the mountain. Well I guess I subconsciuosly wanted to get his attention because right as I turned the corner in front of him, I flipped my cart and flew out onto the track and slid down, feet first on my stomach, still going as fast as I had been in the cart, for a minute or two. Apparently my left elbow and knee had contact with the track as I was sliding because I had fatty chunks of skin missing in both places. It just got clean shaved off. Pretty gross and *painful*. So I kinda felt like I was a corpse bride for Halloween at my reception, with my big open wounds. :( But it's all good. The skin's growing back now and I've got a scar story from my wedding weekend! :)
Thank you to everyone who had any part in helping make our wedding as spectacular and memorable as it was. Jed and I are truly blessed with wonderful people in our lives and we love and appreciate all of you.
**The link to my bridal portraits is RIGHT HERE and you should continue to go back to it because that's where the wedding pictures will be posted.**


Seth and Megan said...

Congrats Goodell's!! We're glad we had the chance to come to your reception - which was wonderful! you looked amazing, And I had no clue about your wounds, how sad and painful to deal with! I hope all is well, enjoy married life!! (It's hard not to)

Laurel said...

Ali, here is the real link -- the one you put in just goes to my photostream, so now that I've uploaded new photos, it just goes to the most recent stuff. :)