Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Discovery

I had to pass this along because it's changed my life. And at the same time helped me waste spend hours online.

It's a website called and it's fantastic. You make an account and choose areas of interest, then it gives you pages that fit into your interest categories. Does that make sense? Just try it, you'll love it. Or your money back


Megan said...

oookay.... thanks for sharing! This will keep me entertained forever, such a cool site.

Vanilla Scent said...

wow ! nice website ! it's really cool ! thanks for sharing !

Rebecca Busath said...

well......there is a lot of cool stuff to do and make on It's just making the time to do and make the cool stuff that's on there is the problem. Cuz all the free time is spend on stumbling upon more cool stuff to do and make. :/

And p.s., the word I have to write to publish this is 'pooscon', just so you know. I didn't know poos could con anyone, apparently they can. :P