Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Memoirs

Friday - Jed was on a camp-out with the scouts (did I mention that he's the scoutmaster and is gone almost every weekend for something?). So I went to Panera by myself and got my new obsession: Thai Chicken Salad. I sat there and read a book by myself. I'm not a huge fan of eating by myself in public, but it was nice. Then I came home, watched some TV, and took a long bath. Then I read some more and went to bed.

Saturday - I got a wonderful facial in the morning. Then I went to the mall and walked around a bit - exercise and retail therapy all in one. Costco was next and then the farmer's market. Jed finally came home in time for dinner and then we watched The Land Before Time. I had only seen it maybe twice when I was a kid. Cute flick.

Sunday - Guess who was an hour late to church? And yes, my phone is my alarm and it changed automatically. But, 7:30 church was just not in the cards. I taught the Beehives for the second time. The first time I ran out of time, and this time I ended 20 minutes early! Haha! I'll get it eventually...
I got to take a nice nap and then we made my mom's tortilla soup for dinner. I took another bath (it's becoming a habit) and talked to my sister a little before bed.

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Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

What a nice weekend you had! I love the Land Before Time (the original, not the 20 or so movies made afterward).

Wow, 7:30 AM?? That is the earliest church I've ever heard of! You guys don't even live in Utah. How many wards meet in your building?

I teach Sunbeams. If we finish early, we sing primary songs that have motions and blockade the door so they don't escape. Does that work for beehives?