Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lauren Conrad Strikes Again

Remember this post? Where I took in a picture of a beautiful haircut and came out with something...else?
 Well, I waited 3 months to let my hair grow out before going back to the stylist (this time I went to a different place, for obvious reasons). I think that my hair's grown out long enough to try for the Lauren Conrad hairdo again. So what do I do? Bring in the same picture of LC and expect that the new stylist will be able to capture my vision.

The stylist was a pro - she was quick and knowledgeable. She told me that since my hair wasn't long enough to do the exact length, but the cut would be the same, just a little shorter. No biggie, I was expecting that to some extent. What I did not expect was to walk out of there with the "1990's Rachel Green look".

Sigh. It's big, it's round, it's unruly. The bangs are the only redeeming part of my hair at this point. Lots of ponytails and half-up do's for the next few weeks...

Now, I have learned my lesson.
I, Ali Goodell, do solemnly swear to NEVER take a picture of Lauren Conrad to a hair stylist again.

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Laurel said...

Yeah, that sucks. :) I thought for a minute after reading "The stylist was a pro - she was quick and knowledgeable" that it would turn out great. Ah well. :D Hopefully both our hair will grow out a little by picture day in a few weeks! :D