Friday, November 20, 2009

Ramblings, but Sadly No Pictures

I have not been posting like I used, or would like, to. No surprise there. I'm gone from my house for 10.5 hours 5x a week. I can't blog at work and I crash when I get home.

I am looking for a new job. Not too intensely, since I do have an interview within the company to work at a closer location. That's in the beginning of December. I would love to stay within the company - I know it and I could cut down my commute without messy paperwork and saying goodbye to coworkers. (Does that even make sense?) But if that doesn't work out, I will be on the hunt like mad.

I just got back from walking/jogging around the temple with Jed. That is an intense hill. Especially when you haven't done anything resembling working out in months. Whoo! But hey, I got out there and I did it. One day down, a million to go. I say a million because I've gained so much weight since I started working again (did I mention that I sit on my butt all day, eat fast food and snacks at work, don't have the energy to cook dinner when I get back from my 10.5-hour day, and haven't exercised in months?). I should go on the Biggest Loser. I weigh as much as many of the girls' starting weights. Vomit.

I've been battling depression recently. With the cold/snow coming (I loathe snow and anything associated with it), my long commute, my tedious job, my lack of exercising, my ample weight gain, my husband getting to go out and do fun stuff without me while I'm stuck at work to pay the bills, my family not being around and not even being able to see them over the holidays, what is keeping me from self-destructing?? Not much. But I am trying to look on the bright side of things and be grateful for what I do have. I know that I just need to count my blessings and I will find a plethora.

One WAY EXCITING thing that I'm doing is a boutique on Black Friday. A great friend of mine is putting on this boutique for local business owners. Did you know that I'm a local business owner? Neither did I. I'm going to be selling cookie mixes for my dad's famous (secret) cookies. If you would like to come see me next Friday, I will be at the Provo Posh & Chic Boutique at the downtown Provo Marriott from 8-5. I'd love to see you!

I think that's pretty much it for my ramblings today. I hope everyone's having a great week and thinking about all that they're thankful for. I know I'm trying to do that.


Brenda Chela said...

Aww. Ali that makes me sad to read about how you've been feeling lately. Sounds like you do have a lot to worry about. But you're doing the right thing by trying to be optimistic. I can relate to a couple of the thing that you mentioned. So I will pray for you and you can go back to being the fun Lil Ali I know! :)

Manda McDaniel said...

Sometimes we have to truck it though some really tough stuff before we come out on the other side and it gets better. I'm sorry this is tough right now, but it can only go up from here, right? (Knock on wood...) I'm glad we're friends, and I'm excited about Friday too!