Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday Memoirs - A Day Late

Friday - I did a surprise date for Jed. It was so fun! I went and waited in the humungous line for InNOut (the guy working the line let me cut, so I only waited half as long as I would have, thank goodness) and brought it to Jed when I picked him up from work. He knew it was at UVU, but I told him it was an improv class. He pretended to be excited, even though I knew he wasn't. When we pulled up and the parking lot was full, he knew it wasn't an improv class. *sigh of relief* When I gave him his ticket, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. He was so excited! By the way, we went to a UFC Fight Night.
We saw a few sleeper holds, some blood, and a couple of knock-outs. I shocked when I realized that we had been there for FIVE HOURS. And we didn't even stay for the main event. It was an enjoyable event, but I don't think that I'd want to go to fights very often...

Saturday - Jed studied all day and I worked. When I got home, we went to Sizzler for the first time - it was ok. Not somewhere I'd want to go all the time, but Jed liked it a lot. And then we went and saw The Box. Meh. I'd at least wait til it came out on video. Not worth the money.

Sunday - We had Jed's brothers over for dinner and played SkipBo. After they left, we went over to the Pages' house for game night - I am loving this tradition we're starting here. It was an early night - we were home by midnight. Usually it's around one in the morning. :)

Monday - Nothing too fancy - grocery shopping, homework, and working on my cookie mixes for the boutique on Friday!!

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