Friday, August 21, 2009

The List of Characters

I would have posted fotos or films today, but I don't have them at I'm going to describe some of the people I work with. So you can enjoy them as much as I do.

"Smokey" aka Rob - My trainer, breathed smoke/coffee breath in my face whilst training. Also my team leader. He's cool for the most part.

"Greasy" aka Susan - Doesn't work on my team, but is always seen around the office. NEVER has clean hair, always gives unsolicited back rubs. Probably dresses up for movie premiers.

Mariko the fake - Talks so loud into the phone, and is sugary sweet to her students - calls them "babe" and "sweetie" ALL the time. Annoying.

"Sinker" aka Jenna - Started a day after me, is never at her desk, we call her sinker because in a sink or swim scenerio, she would sink.

"Hippie" aka Nancy - Very cool girl, wears vintage clothes and eats at Whole Foods every day. Actress and jeweler - makes cool jewelry.

"Mexie" aka Dave - Personal trainer on the side, has been here for a month and still isn't "getting it". I don't think he'll be here long.

Sundin - Alcoholic. Very intelligent and interesting to talk to.

Tori - My FAV! She's so nice and we get along beautifully. I'm glad I sit next to her.