Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Somebody's Watching Me

My neighbor is such a creeper. I literally cannot leave the house or return without him staring out the window at me. He sits on his couch and looks out of his big living room window (where he has the blinds completely up/open) all day long. I think he thinks he's sly about it, but I see him out of the corner of my eye every time. It's kind of a joke and definitely pathetic. I can avoid it if I get out of the house before 10 or 11 (I assume he sleeps in until then), but after that, forget about it.
So this morning I left for the gym early enough and then when I returned, the blinds were still closed - success! But then I looked over at his kitchen window, the blinds are turned just enough so that he can see out the slits, and I can see his figure, in his underwear, just staring out at me, motionless, as I got out of my car!!

Part of me thinks that I just shouldn't look over at their house, but the other part of me is wondering if there will ever be a time when he's not waiting, lurking, creeping. I have to check every time. It's a curse.


Mandy said...

um. ew.

send jed over there to "handle the problem." :)

all joking aside, that is definitely creepy and i hope that it stops soon.

alyssa said...

That is disgusting and creepy! I don't think I could leave the house. Hopefully something changes soon!

Delphina Darling said...

I face the same problem, except it's my grandmother, and she lives in our house. Once, I was dancing to Britney Spears with my best friend, and we left the door half open, and she just stood there, watching us, and my friend noticed her and we stopped dancing, just looking at her, and she says "Oh, I was looking for your mother." And she walked away. I've locked my door ever since.