Saturday, April 2, 2011

Five Facts

1. I have never been summoned for jury duty.
2. I don't like gamey meats. Sometimes chicken is even too gamey for me.
3. I have a high pain tolerance. (When I was 4, I broke my arm and didn't even cry, or realize it was broken.)
4. My new favorite thing is to eat my Thai Chicken Salad at Panera while reading a book. I do it about once a week.
5. Nutella has become a staple in my home.


Rebecca Busath said...

Nutella & bananas on pancakes or in crepes...mmmmmm.
Is that how you guys won the Biggest Loser challenge? :S

Vallen Family said...

I LOVE nutella, so much to the point that I had to have Ben hide it from me :) I also thought I had a high pain tolerence (I had a bone in my arm snap off and didn't know about it for years, until I broke it again) but I realized that I don't like going through the pain of labor. TOTALLY not worth suffering when I can have an epideral! Hahaha. love the 5 facts :)