Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jed's Phone Evolution

Well, Ali had such a great idea that I decided to copy it. Here goes......

In 2001 I got the Motorola V120C with US Cellular. It was the smallest cell phone I had ever seen up to that point so I wanted it. The crappy thing was was that in 2001 I was the only kid in high school who had a phone so it didn't get a lot of use. It sat in a corner for 8 months until I went on my mission.

On my mission the DL's got to use these beauties, the Nokia 3285. It was a downgrade from my last phone but I got REALLY good at that snake game where you eat the dots.

In 2005 I got a Sony Ericsson T610 with T-Mobile. I learned how to make my own ringtones with this one. Sony Ericsson was one of the only phone manufacturers that had the ability to use any MP3 as a ringtone at the time. Most other phones used polyphonic ringtones or you had to buy them from the store.

In 2006 I signed up with ATT to get those roll over minutes. It turns out I still haven't used any of them in my 4 years that I have been with ATT. I picked another Sony Ericsson, and my first and only flip phone: the Z520a. My boss also has this phone.

In 2007 my friend Jerr sold me his Samsung Blackjack, my first smartphone. I still have it and use it as a backup phone. I liked this one because I uploaded a nintendo emulator. This was a really powerful phone and I still like it better than my current phone...

which is another Sony Ericsson. The W580i Walkman phone. I like it a lot but its no smartphone. Well the screen has cracked in two different places so that means it is time for a new phone.

My new phone will be the Droid X! It comes in two weeks and I cant wait. We decided to get this phone because of the awesome camera on it (8 MP and two flashes) and the display is amazing. Also, it is on Verizon's network so the third party apps aren't restricted like they are with ATT. So yea its gonna be sweet.

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