Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Foto Fix - Phone Evolution Ed.

This is the first cell phone that I had ever seen in real life/used. And I thought that it was the coolest thing ever.
[Nokia 5110]

In college, I got this sweet thing. Best phone I've ever had, present phone included, because it was so fast and easy to text.
[Nokia 6810]

Then I got something like this. Didn't really care about it because it sucked when compared to my old phone (but I wore that old phone down and it broke).
[Have no idea. Couldn't care less.]

Then I got this little number. Thought it was awesome when I bought it, but it wasn't as user-friendly as I thought and it weighs as much as a premature child.
[AT&T Tilt by HTC]

Moving on...
This beauty will soon be mine. Wipe up that drool - I know, it's awesome! Can't wait!!
[Motorola Droid X]

I've been a loyal AT&T/Nokia customer for a while now, but if I stayed with AT&T I would have gotten the iPhone. I wouldn't have minded so much, except Apple is a selfish, profit-seeking (Heaven forbid!) company and they don't allow 3rd-party apps. (Jail-breaking is just too much effort.)

And since I'm all about cheaper/free-er apps, we're going with Verizon/Motorola!

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caitlinhart said...

I love it! Your phone evolution looks a lot like mine.. only I got the apple Iphone... and I love it, profit-seeking-company-that-I-have sold-my-soul-to and all :). I'm excited for you about your phone though! hooray! I hear the droid is pretty schweet.