Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No, Thanks

Jed and I went to that timeshare presentation last night. Oh boy. First we met with our rep, then the whole group of us had to go into a conference room and listen to hyper 11-Red-Bulls-later boy for 45 minutes. Torture.
Then we went back with our rep and he talked to us for almost an hour and a half - I think he thought he had us. It sounded like a good deal, but we don't have the cash for that, and I feel like we usually find really good deals on hotels and stuff anyways.
So after 2.5 hours, we signed a paper saying we understand we waved our rights to certain benefits or whatever. And then we had to sit at this table and wait for 10 minutes for someone else to "ask us a few follow-up questions". The follow-up questions were them giving us one last "deal". We said no to that, too.

The prizes we got just for going in:
$25 AMEX credit card
$30 Maverick gas card
2 nights stay in Vegas
$100 gift card to Olive Garden


Jenny said...

Wow, pretty nice! Could you have just walked out in the middle or would they've charged you?

Doug and I would rather just do the hotel thing too. With all of the yearly fees and such associated with them, it's usually not worth it.

mk said...

They called me today at your referral. Asked me all these questions, and then were like, "And you make over $40,000 per year, right?" I laughed at her. "Um, no. My husband is a full time student and I'm pregnant and unemployed." And she said, "Well thank you for your time." So ... no gifts for us. But I'm glad that you got so much nice stuff!

Alyssa said...

Hey, I would have done it too if I got all of that stuff! Have fun with all of that!

raisruckus said...

Mike and I did it once. Never used the trip, just wasn't worth the weird times and stuff that they were offering, but the rest was totally worth it. :)

raisruckus said...

Urgh, that was me. -Susie Q.

Clark and Liesel said...

Wow! A $100 gift card to Olive Garden would be worth it enough for me! Thats awesome.

JoDell said...

Nice! Sounds like it was worth it. :)

Elizabeth said...

Shoot. Olive Garden? Definately worth it.

Breanne said...

Wow you definitely earned it.