Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Memoirs

We drove down to Kerrville with the Silvas and spent the night there.

After my Texas-shaped waffle, we headed to Enchanted Rock. The climb was short, but steep! Bobby told me it's just like climbing a few flights of stairs, and I realized that I never, ever climb stairs in my daily life; everywhere I go is one-story. Yeah, that's not helpful. I had a hard time breathing more than anything. But I made it to the top and I'm so glad I pushed through - the view and the experience were awesome.
 While we were at the top, Jed started climbing a rock and I heard a branch break and then "Uh oh". It wasn't a branch breaking, it was Jed's pants ripping a HUGE line right down the front. I was DYING laughing! Poor Jeddy. Throughout the rest of the hike it ripped a few more times, too. Oh, and he found a nice little hole in the rock for an awesome photo op:
After snacks at the top, we hiked down a different side of the "mountain" and then walked around it back to the front. We saw some deer and it was nice out, so we had a great little walk. The Silvas' baby, Wyatt, was in a backpack during the hike and he was the cutest little trooper. Everyone kept commenting on how adorable he was. I love that little boy.
We went back to the hotel to regroup and let Jed change, and then we headed to Frericksburg to do some shopping and have dinner. We found this sign while we were out strolling Main Street:
Oh, small towns.

We grabbed lunch in Fredericksburg and then headed home. It was such a great trip! Maybe we'll make it an annual thing. :)

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