Friday, September 30, 2011


I've been on a certain babysitting website for a few years now. Usually a parent will email me requesting my services and then we may talk on the phone and set up an interview, or do a phone interview.

I recently got an email requesting that I come babysit for a family a few days later. Nothing big, just two hours with an 8 y/o and a 5 y/o. I The parent asked me for my pay rate and I told her; she said they would pay me the lowest on my scale. Love when that happens.
Then she asked me if she should make payment to me directly - weird - and asks for two references (I have four on my profile) and for my full name and contact info; I give her my full name (sans middle name) and phone number.
She asks for access to my background check and an phone interview with two of my references, THEN she asks if she can keep a copy of my driver's license "on file". Uh, what?!? No. I told her that I work for a local police dept. and I could show her my credentials, but I don't feel comfortable leaving my information with her.

I've gotten one-night babysitting jobs, extended babysitting jobs, and even part-time nanny jobs through the site and I have never had anyone be so microscopic. My sister thinks she's in the witness protection program.

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