Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday Memoirs

Friday - We went over to my friend Jen's condo for a house-warming/birthday party. It was good to see her again - it had been a while. Happy Birthday Jen!

Saturday - We went to Tucanos for lunch with my birthday BOGO coupon. It was so good!
Then we went to the temple. It was so nice, and exactly what I needed.
We had Emily and her cousin over for game/movie night - so fun!

Sunday - After church, we took a much needed nap. Did I mention that we hung out with Emily last night? Yeah, that's always a late night (and I love it!).
Then we went to the Burkes' for the Super Bowl! It was so much fun! Jed was rooting for the Colts, so I decided to go for the Saints - and they won!!
We had a really great day!

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